Comments from Previous Participants

“It has been a great time of fellowship with both my fellow assistants and the leaders, and it has been great to just have the time to find my way.”  Michelle 

“I have enjoyed the study aspect of the year, and the book groups have been challenging and thought provoking.   But the best part is having the opportunity to meet like minded people from other churches.”  Rachel 

“Step Up has given me the opportunity to meet with other Christians on a regular basis, talking and studying together.  I feel this experience will only add to the ministries I am involved in.”  Alison 

“The reading groups are awesome and it has developed my understanding so much already, particularly of what God will do through me.”  Mike 

“Step Up has challenged and provided me with tools to develop my knowledge of God’s Word.  The teaching has been refreshing, and I have been able to gain confidence through the year to be abel to express myself freely in group discussion.”  Ann 

“The Step Up Scheme is well structured and well led.  I highly recommend becoming part of the scheme, as it truly allows you to ‘Step Up’ to whatever God has planned for your life.”  Jane 

Comments from Church Leaders

“I warmly welcome the Step Up scheme and commend it as a way of exploring calling, developing gifts, enriching spirituality, and getting good grounding in biblically based theology.”  Bishop James Bell – Bishop of Ripon

One of the wonderful things God seems to be providing at the moment in His Church is people who want to give some of their time to serve and to learn to minister more effectively.  We need to respond to this by providing ways in which people can serve effectively and grow in maturity and gifting.  Step Up is one such way that the church in North Yorkshire is seeking to do just this.  It is rooted in faith, worked out in partnership, committed to serve and seeking to grow.  I commend it as a healthy programme for people of all ages and backgrounds.”  Revd Mark Tanner – Warden Cranmer Hall Durham