The main focus of every session throughout the year is discerning what God is saying to you as an individual, and as a group, and deciding what your response is going to be.  The sessions are not blocks of teaching, however, there is input from the person leading.  We value time and space to process both individually and in a groups how what is being grappled with in these sessions is impacting your life and faith.

We have tried to make each session work to this agenda whatever the subject matter, be it:

Discipleship Tools:

8 Sessions spread throughout the year, looking at different tools to help us walk with Jesus more effectively.

Covenant & Kingdom:

6 sessions on how to read the bible through the lenses of Covenant and Kingdom.  Looking at the story as it unfolds from Genesis through to the early church, and asking questions regarding how this relates to us today and our relationship with God.

Kingdom Advance:

3 sessions looking at advancing the kingdom, concentrating on: how Spiritual Disciplines help us to position ourselves for kingdom advance, identifying Spiritual Gifts, and understanding ways in which the Devil tries to undermine and prevent breakthrough from happening.


This element of the year varies, and depends on the Hub Context.  The focus is that everyone is called to be a missionary, and to share the good news both practically and in conversation with others.

Book Groups:

A number of books are read and reflected on throughout the year.