Beautiful, perfumed sweetpeas. Among the deep, bold purple flowers, there were delicate paler pink and white ones, almost hidden.
I re-arranged the display bringing the gentle colours forward framing them with the stronger purple behind. Perfect! Each flower now complimented each other.
flower 1
On reflection this made me think about my Step Up experience. I started off as a pale member amidst a group, not knowing what I was doing but framed and supported by the strong leader(s) and my mentor. As my journey progressed I was encouraged to focus on what I could do, instead of what I could not do, and guided through a process that helped me to identify my own strengths – gifts given to me from God. Without even realising I was gently drawn out of my comfort box and ‘re-arranged.’
I have found that my strength is community focused and it can compliment other ‘up front’ types. I am now using my passion to serve in the community. So far I have made soup and assisted with various soup lunches, served refreshments after church services, cooked meals for events etc,  become a driver on the Pastoral Team at Communion lunches and teas, started hosting Come Dine With Us and am also currently helping to co-ordinate a planned late summer Thai event.  I also intend to launch soup lunches in the autumn.
This list is not exhaustive as I will continue to look for future opportunities to use the gifts that God has given me to serve in the community.
Step Up has been a wonderful opportunity to find out what God was calling me to do in a relaxed, informal and welcoming environment. The only downside was trying to refrain from guzzling the scrumptious cake + copious amounts of freshly brewed coffee!
Lorraine, Wetherby Hub, 2015-16