Discipleship Tools are one of the elements of Step Up.  Here we explain them in a ‘nutshell’.

Hearing & Responding to God

Everyone can hear the voice of God.  It is important that we learn to identify the ‘how’ we hear God, and put in place a process of responding to what we hear.

Balanced Relationships

We live in three different dimensions: Worship, Christian Community, Outreach.  We are all called to share the Gospel story with those who have not yet met Jesus – but how can we do this if we are not connected with the Father, and in community and receiving support from our fellow disciples?

Life Patters

Life is busy, there is always so much that needs to ‘get-done’.  But in order to be effective, we need to be working from rest not resting from work – we need to be living a sabbath lifestyle.  We also should be purposefully connecting to the ‘Vine’ and allowing ourselves to be grown and pruned by the Gardner.


St Paul in Ephesians 4 talks about the gifts to the church of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.  We deliver that each disciple is a gift to the church and has also received the grace gifts from our Heavenly Father to function in one for these are for the benefit of the wider body.


Jesus told us when we pray to pray “Our Father in Heaven….” The Lord’s prayer is not just words to pray, but a pattern for prayer.

Healthy Living

If we are going to be people who influence others, who seek to be disciples who disciple, then we need to be able to look after ourselves on a spiritual, as well as a physical, level.


We are from the front a sheep and from the back a shepherd.  When we say leadership, think influencer.  We believe that there will be at least one person who looks to you as a shepherd.  But at any given time the people we disciple need to be led in different ways depending on their present circumstance, e.g. if someone is disgruntled you would not respond to them in the same way as a person who was energised and eager.

Identifying People of Peace

Jesus told us to go and make disciples.  We believe that a great model for this is that of finding people of peace.  A person of peace is someone who is open to the words of the Gospel, people who will listen to your testimony.  Just as Jesus didn’t run after the rich young man, we shouldn’t spend time chasing after people who are not ready to hear, and concentrate on those who are.

Discipleship Tool have been adapted from the book Building a Discipling Culture.